New Mass Effect 3 Trailer To Debut During The Walking Dead

I’ve always said: “Nothing breaks up an hour of zombies better than a really long commercial for a sci-fi video game.” Okay, so maybe I haven’t always said that, but that’s what we’ll be getting tomorrow when a new episode of The Walking Dead airs on AMC in the form of a nice long Mass Effect 3 trailer.

The “Take Earth Back” trailer will air tomorrow, February 19. The trailer will be an unusually long 90 seconds. And it just so happens that we’ve got a preview of it right here, just for you!

The trailer itself doesn’t show much, but feel free to come up with your own hilarious scenario. Here’s mine:


Reaper1: Finally! We’ve invaded Earth! Time to eradicate the universe of these…..erm….what are these yellow things?

Reaper 2: Database says they’re sunflowers, sir.

Reaper 1: Sunflowers?! Where the Hell are we?

Reaper 2: Scanners show we’re in a place called “Ohio.”

Reaper 1: HA! OHIO! I hereby declare the Reapers as the rulers and extreme overlords of Ohio!

(sinister music plays)


This stuff writes itself, people.