Mech Shooter Hawken Comes To Xbox One And PlayStation 4 In July


Mech-based shooter Hawken is coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 next month, game producer Josh Clausen has confirmed. Originally released on PC back in 2012 as an open beta, continued development of the free-to-play shooter has changed hands over the years from Adhesive Games to Reloaded Games and remains popular.

But what sets Hawken apart from the likes of Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall and other such sci-fi shooters? Clausen says it’s all about the “well-developed universe” in which the game is set. Speaking on Sony’s PlayStation Blog, he said:

Hawken is a free-to-play, mech- and team-based shooter launching July 8 on PS4. Underlying our shooter is a surprisingly enormous and well-developed universe. So much so that there has been a hardback, 100+ page graphic novel, a five issue comic series, and a Brand Bible that covers a several-hundred-year timeline. When I first started on the Hawken project a little over a year ago, I wasn’t aware of this depth, and it’s been satisfying to see that so much thought and effort went into the mythology behind the game.

For a good look at the FPS’ moment-to-moment gameplay and more details on the in-depth narrative underpinning the setting, you can see the video above. A total of 30 mechs will be playable when Hawken launches for PlayStation 4 on July 8, 13 more than was available during the open beta period. Xbox One players can look forward to the game launching a week earlier on July 1.