Mechanical Pokémon Will Rumble Onto North American 3DS Devices

Get your Pokéballs ready because Super Pokémon Scramble will be heading to our North American shores on October 24. It’s the sequel to the 2009 WiiWare brawler known as Pokémon Rumble, and will carry an altered version of that name when it releases here as Pokémon Rumble Blast.

Taking inspiration from the Dynasty Warriors franchise, Pokemon Rumble Blast is a beat-em-up game where players control one mechanical “Toy Pokémon” as they fight against hordes of wild creatures from the series’ roster. It’s been confirmed that more than 600 different varieties of wild wind-up creatures will make an appearance in the game, with some new faces from Black and White. They can all be captured in battle for future use.

Multiplayer will round out the package, with the ability to meet fellow gamers’ Miis via Street Pass. Once you’ve initiated contact, there’s the opportunity to battle against or with your new friend via local wireless.

It sounds like a very fun take on the popular Pokémon series. Having never played one of these games before, I’m quite interested to give this one a shot when it’s out this fall.