Meet The Heroes Of Gearbox Software’s Battleborn With E3 Trailer


It’s no secret that video games – particularly new IPs – can find themselves smothered by the sheer amount of news during E3, relegating the vying title to little more than a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it announcement. Gearbox Software has ensured Battleborn doesn’t succumb to the white noise, though, after the Borderlands creator today unveiled an all-new trailer for the upcoming shooter, which will be hands-on at the event from June 16.

Taking many cues from the MOBA genre, the studio’s genre mash-up contains a total of 25 playable characters, and you can glimpse a handful of those eclectic personas in the footage above. Interestingly, Battleborn will also come packing a story mode of sorts, which has been described by Gearbox as a “narrative experience.” Single-player devotees will be pleased to note that the mode in question can be enjoyed on your lonesome or, if you’re feeling friendly, with four other players.

One of the more unique elements underpinning Battleborn is the title’s levelling mechanic. The Helix System, as it is so fetchingly referred to, allows budding players to level up at a brisk pace, whether that be in a single-player match or within the shooter’s 5v5 multiplayer matches. Of all of three competitive modes revealed thus far, Incursion is the one that bears the most resemblance to the MOBA genre, wherein users will be tasked with controlling and organizing a group of minions, all the while defending their outpost from waves of incoming AI enemies.

Gearbox has now slated Battleborn for a winter release, where it will likely lock horns with Blizzard’s Overwatch – an online shooter in the same wheelhouse. The former is due on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.