Meet The French Counter-Terrorism Unit In New Rainbow Six Siege Sizzle Reel


Ubisoft has deployed the latest sizzle reel for its upcoming squad-based shooter Rainbow Six Siege, this time introducing fans to the French counter-terrorism unit, GIGN.

Showcasing the tactical gameplay that sets Siege apart from its genre contemporaries, the latest footage for the game doubles down on the importance of its 4-player multiplayer experience. Playing as either the highly-skilled police enforcers or a group of terrorists, users will enjoy a brief respite before each round begins, allowing those defending a position to lay down a series of traps including motion sensor bombs, not to mention the ability to fortify a temporary base with barriers.


Destructive environments appear to have a marked effect on gameplay, too, with those assaulting a position able to breach and clear various rooms and rappel through holes in the ceiling. It’s an tantalizing approach that essentially extends the framework of your typical first-person shooter, meaning that encounters with enemies will be much more dynamic now that it isn’t limited to tight corridors.

During E3 it was revealed that actor Angela Bassett would be lending her likeness to Siege to play Six, the boss overseeing the elite intelligence agency, and it’s understood the actress’s in-game persona will play a critical part over the course of the story. There’s not much to go on at this time regarding the overarching narrative; though we do know that Rainbow Six Siege will make room for a number of elite squads from different countries around the globe, such as the French GIGN demonstrated in this latest clip.

Rainbow Six Siege is due to rappel onto PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on October 13. Those interested in Ubisoft’s new installment can look forward to a beta test at the tail-end of September.