Metal Gear Rising Was Almost Canceled

Before the spectacular return of Metal Gear Rising at the VGAs over the weekend, we hadn’t heard anything on the game in quite a long time. We’re learning that the reason behind this is that Rising was at one point silently canceled.

After the concept of “cut anything” was nailed down, along with motion capturing and a written story, the folks at Kojima Productions just…lost it. There was no clear direction for the game to go in, so Hideo Kojima himself decided to end development.

That is until folks from Platinum Games stopped by to express excitement about the project. One thing lead to another and suddenly, the very people who were most excited for the game were now in charge of finishing it.

As a longtime Metal Gear fan, it’s sort of shocking to hear that Hideo Kojima himself gave up on development of his baby. It’ll be interesting to see how Rising turns out, and if Kojima will just deny it ever happened like Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops.

What say you, gamers? Are you as glad as I am that this one is back from the dead?