‘Metal Gear Solid’ creator admirably stays awake for the entirety of ‘Black Adam’

Black Adam
Image via Warner Bros.

Famed game designer Hideo Kojima leads an extraordinarily busy life. Each day he somehow finds time to direct Death Stranding 2 and horror game Overdose, manage his studio, watch at least one movie, listen to a bunch of new music, read an apparently endless series of novels, deliver a weekly Spotify podcast and keep us updated on social media.

Now he’s finally found time for the latest DCU movie Black Adam, which he watched soon after arriving back in Japan after his visit to L.A. for The Game Awards. His verdict: “I stayed awake”.

So not exactly the most glowing review, but at least he got through the entire thing.

Kojima unveiled Death Stranding 2 at The Game Awards in one of the best trailers of the night. As you’d expect from the previous game, this will be a bizarre trip through a post-apocalyptic world, featuring creepy babies, horrible goopy monsters, and soulful indie music.

Many people noted that the first Death Stranding eerily predicted the COVID lockdowns. The game landed just a few months before the pandemic hit and let us explore a world in which people were fearful of direct human contact and locked inside their homes, their only lifeline to the outside world being package deliverymen battling their way through a dangerous world.

Let’s hope Death Stranding 2 is a little more optimistic than that, as the world could really use something sunnier right now.

Black Adam is available to stream on Dec. 16 on HBO Max.