Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes First Details And Demo Footage

This past week at the Metal Gear 25th Anniversary event in Japan, Konami revealed the existence of a new game in the series, named Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes. With PAX Prime now in full swing, we have received the first details about the title, along with a video of the demo that was shown at the event.

The first new detail about the Ground Zeroes, is that it is not the next numbered game in the series, but is instead a “prologue” to Metal Gear Solid 5. Hideo Kojima confirmed that the game will launch on current-gen consoles, but also stated that the Fox Engine is scalable for next-gen systems. Kojima would not reveal what the subtitle is referring to, but did say that the game is “a beginning”, not an end to the series.

Konami also confirmed that Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes is an open-world game, with the scope being described as “literally the entire world”. Snake can call in helicopter support during missions, and can also use it as transportation in and out of levels. Despite the open-world nature, gameplay seems to be very much in keeping with the franchise and centers around stealth.

Embedded below is the direct-feed footage of Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, with English subtitles, from the demo shown at the events. True to the franchise the majority of the video is a cut scene, however, we also have some off-screen footage that reveals the extended gameplay demo shown to attendees. The quality is obviously lower, but it shows additional gameplay of Snake driving a jeep inside the base, so it is worth checking out.

As more details about Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes are released we will let you know, but so far it looks like the upcoming title is staying true to the franchise, while at the same time expanding it in all the right ways.

Source: Joystiq, Youtube

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