Microsoft Accidentally Announces Fable Heroes

Whoops. It seems like Microsoft may have put a bit too much out there when they accidentally announced Fable Heroes on While details are sparse at this point, we do know that it is a four-player hack and slash game with cooperative and competitive elements. The coins you collect will unlock upgrades, characters and items for both Fable Heroes and the upcoming Fable: The Journey for Kinect.

As far as I can tell from here, Fable Heroes is going to play out as a mix of Dungeon Defenders, Mario Party and Castle Crashers with just a hint of Gauntlet.  There is not a single part of that sentence I didn’t enjoy typing.  Say it out loud and try not to smile.

While Microsoft is being tight lipped on the details, Lionhead has released a few screenshots and a preview video which you can check out below.

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