Microsoft: Achievements On Xbox One Can Be Color-Coded For Each Player


In a video demonstration published by Kotaku, it’s been revealed that achievements on Xbox One can be color-coded to each player to differentiate between the console’s unique users. This was unveiled during a presentation of Powerstar Golf – a Kinetic-centric launch title for the console – with a cyan colored notification appearing around the 11 minute mark, as opposed to the traditional grey indictor from the Xbox 360.

This feature was later confirmed by Microsoft, with the company’s corporate Vice President Marc Whitten taking to Twitter to clarify the news:

We understand that the Xbox One will also allow individual users to unlock their own achievements while playing on the same system. As a means for comparison, the existing Xbox 360 notifies players by a flashing light that correspondes with their controller. Microsoft’s new console, however, will make use of the color-coding feature that will allow gamers to add a unique shade to their in-game accomplishment. What’s more, the Xbox One will also be able to automatically capture the event of unlocking achievements by storing a five minute snippet of gameplay, which you can later stream to Microsoft’s Upload Studio.

The Xbox One launch is now a little under a month away, with the new hardware poised to debut on November 22nd across thirteen territories. However, it’s understood that third-party headsets – such as the XO Four and XO Seven models – will not be compatible with the console until early 2014. Furthermore, these audio peripherals will also require the company’s Headset Adapter upon launch.

Until then, though, be sure to leave your thoughts about the Xbox One’s customisable achievements in the comments below.