Microsoft Announces Four New Entertainment Providers That Are Coming To Xbox 360

Microsoft announced four new entertainment providers that are coming to Xbox 360, as the company looks to spread its entertainment wings, in order to give both gamers and non-gamers more options.

Those partners (listed below) will provide new ways for Microsoft to reach kids, hardcore gamers and other folks who are looking for more out of their video entertainment catalog.

Check out the partners below.

  • Nickelodeon
  • Machinima
  • Paramount Videos
  • Univision

You’ll also find more sports entertainment options, like NHL GameCenter Live, the National Basketball Association, ESPN 2 and ESPN 3. NHL GameCenter Live will feature highlights, live out of market games, and more. Conversely, ESPN 2 and 3 will allow fans to watch SportsCenter and other ESPN programs while using their Xbox 360 consoles.

We’ll keep you updated on more news as we get it.