Microsoft Will Be Changing XBOX 360 250GB S Models To Matte Finish


Those interested in purchasing an XBOX 360 S 250GB console in the near future now have an added decision to make. Microsoft has announced that they will be moving away from its original glossy piano black finish, in favour of a matte one which will be similar to the look of the current 4GB S version. It’ll certainly reduce the chance for fingerprints, but some may not like the look as much. Then again, it’s not that big of a deal to most.

These new look units will begin appearing on store shelves “over the coming weeks,” according to Major Nelson. With their announcement and the impending roll out to stores, it means that your local game retailer’s last stock of the glossy finish consoles could be its final batch. So, it’s time to make the decision as to whether you’d prefer gloss or matte.

I personally prefer the look of the piano black glossy finish, but it makes sense that it would annoy those who move their consoles quite often, which I don’t bother with. This new design should also look quite nice though and I’m sure it really won’t make that big a difference at the end of the day.

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