Microsoft Hints At Plans To Bring More Of Its Major Franchises To PC


Far and away the biggest announcement coming out of Microsoft‘s conference yesterday was the reveal of the HoloLens, an augmented reality headset that will allegedly turn science fiction into science fact. A bold claim, no doubt, but one exciting tidbit buried amongst the white noise was news that the Redmond-based giant is considering bringing some of its major franchises to PC.

Buoyed by the upcoming release of its Windows 10 operating system, here’s what Microsoft had to share in relation to bringing some of its IP to the platform.

“Today we announced that we are bringing Fable Legends to Windows 10 PCs, day-and-date with the Xbox One version in 2015. This means Fable fans running Windows 10 will be able to play against their fellow gamers on Xbox One. It’s the same game, in the same world, on the same map.

“Fable Legends is just the first of the major game franchises from Microsoft Studios coming to Windows 10 and we will have more to share in the coming months.”

This is just one of a myriad of strategies that the company touched upon during yesterday’s presentation, and almost every tactic would potentially see the two disparate platforms become ever closer. Along with the possibility of porting software to PC, Microsoft is also considering an option that will allow players to stream games directly from their PC to the Xbox One.

Thanks to the integration with Windows 10, we know that console owners will soon have the power to stream Xbox One titles to a plethora of Microsoft platforms, so it seems likely that users will be able to share their game in the opposite direction before long.

Tell us, which exclusive franchise would you like Microsoft to bring to PC? Is this a precedent that you want to see at all? Let us know your thoughts below.

Source: Xbox Wire

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