Valve And Microsoft Take Cues From The Wii U

Nintendo knows probably more than any company that when one innovates, others are bound to follow, making old what was once new. Microsoft and Sony have already begun down the same path as Nintendo did with its Wii console, each embracing motion controls in their own distinct way. Now, it looks like the thievery or rather, borrowing, might not stop there.

It appears that the Wii U and its innovative controller, with touch screen built in, is giving rise to pretenders before Nintendo’s even put their new system out on the market.

As relayed by a user on the NeoGAF forums, Valve has been spotted using a controller that looks like what one would get if the controllers of the Xbox 360 and Wii U were to have a baby.

No official news has hit the net regarding this investigative find, but that hasn’t stopped gamers from working themselves up into a frenzy about what it could mean. Could it be Microsoft trying to copy its competitor? Is it merely a matter of testing out new options?

I’m sure that it won’t be long before word gets out about the mystery controller, but until that time comes it’ll be a joy to watch the gaming community in an absolute fervor over what could, just as likely, be nothing.

Either way, Microsoft and Valve have certainly succeeded in keeping things interesting.