Microsoft Points May Be Getting Phased Out

Microsoft’s Microsoft Points payment system has been around for the Xbox 360’s entire lifespan so far. Unlike PlayStation Network’s wallet system, which allows credit card transactions for the specific price of a purchase, Microsoft’s method of currency would translate money into Points, with $5 being the equivalent of 400 Points, $20 for 1600, and so on.

While games on the Xbox Games on Demand service have allowed for direct credit card payments, everything else, from Arcade and Indie games to DLC, have relied on Points being bought in specific bundles.

However, a recent update to the Windows 8 media store has changed the default method of payment to credit cards. Microsoft Points are still an option for those who wish to purchase them, but they do not appear to be the primary focus any more. There’s been no official word on this change also being made to the Xbox 360, but it’s certainly a possibility, and one that would be welcomed by those who don’t want to spend extra money on bundles of additional points they don’t want.

We will keep you updated on future changes to the Microsoft Points system but let us know in the comments how you feel about Microsoft Points.