Microsoft Secures Timed Exclusive DLC For The Division On Xbox One


US retailer GameStop seems to have outed a timed exclusivity deal between Microsoft and Ubisoft for The Division‘s DLC. A new video posted on the retailer’s YouTube account states that The Division‘s DLC will arrive on Xbox One “30 days before Sony will see it.”

However, it’s not clear whether the exclusivity deal applies to all currently announced additional content for Ubisoft’s third-person shooter, or just specific pieces. Similarly, the video makes no mention of when the PC will receive the DLC, but one can probably safely assume that it will have to wait the extra month just like PlayStation 4 players.

Ubisoft are yet to officially confirm the exclusivity deal, but they have already released details for the first three expansion packs for the The Division (read more on those here), which include expansions to the game world, new weapons, items and clothing. Free updates will be interspersed with the paid DLC, which will include co-op challenges and new multiplayer modes.

Assuming the news is correct, it looks like Microsoft have no intention of passing up another potential money maker the likes of which Sony secured with Bungie’s Destiny.

The Division launches for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on March 8. A series of closed betas were held last month for all platforms and, with early impressions appearing to be positive, Ubisoft have decided to hold some open betas starting this week for the same platforms.

Source: VideoGamer

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