Midnight Purple 3DS Hits The U.S. On May 20th


One of Nintendo’s most well used tricks to push hardware sales over the years has been to take their existing system, swap out the plastic bits for plastic bits of a different color, and release it under a fancy name. Staying true to that tradition, The Big N announced today that they will release a “Midnight Purple” 3DS on May 20th in the United States.

Retailing for the standard MSRP of $169, the Midnight Purple 3DS (a.k.a. the Purple 3DS) marks the fifth color for the handheld, joining Cosmo Black (a.k.a. Black), Aqua Blue (a.k.a. Blue), Flame Red (a.k.a. Red), and Pearl Pink (a.k.a. Pink).

Nintendo also revealed that Mario Tennis Open will launch alongside the Midnight Purple 3Ds on May 20th, but I’m sure that is just coincidental and not some well-timed marketing plan.

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