New Mirror’s Edge 2 Trailer Has Faith In Motion

MIrror's Edge 2

Just one day shy of the anniversary of its original announcement, Mirror’s Edge 2 returned to the EA press conference stage with a brand new trailer. After last year’s cinematic announcement trailer confirmed we’d be parkour-ing our way through a near-future dystopia once more, fans were no doubt hopeful that we’d finally see actual gameplay this year. The newest trailer offers a close approximation of that in the form of conceptual prototype footage, but spends more time focusing on the player character of Faith herself.

The trailer opens with two core statements of principle, as Mirror’s Edge 2 is said to be about two things: mastering the environment, and Faith. Those who played the original will recognize the sequel’s heroine instantly, as she’s kept her signature single-glove aesthetic and gnarly eyeball tattoo. A tour of the studio lets us in on what DICE thinks of the game’s protagonist, and how her in-game movements have been informed by real parkour artists.

Speaking of in-game: no shippable gameplay was shown, as a “Conceptual Prototype” watermark on all the first person action gives you an idea of what the studio is shooting for, but maybe hasn’t achieved just yet. Looks like the series will be going through the same beautiful motions that defined the first game, with plenty of obstacles to be clambered over, leaps to be leapt, and guards to be disabled with elaborate takedown moves.

Though no release window was announced, Faith will indeed be coming to a new generation, as Mirror’s Edge 2 is expected to release on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Take a look at the trailer below to see what the world of Mirror’s Edge 2 will hopefully look like through Faith’s eyes.