Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Details Leaked?

The gaming world loves leaks. They love to know something before it’s official, and who wouldn’t? But sometimes, just sometimes, these things turn out to be some sort of elaborate hoax, put together by somebody with the skills to do well for themselves and with too much time on their hands.

Yesterday, a Youtube user uploaded a video that they claimed was taken at CoD XP, the Call of Duty convention opening the end of this week. Apparently the user broke in and just started playing the multiplayer build of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, shining a camera at the screen to confirm that it must be true.

The video has since been removed after a copyright claim by Activision.

The Youtube user shows a list of maps – my favourite is Seatown – and then picks a game mode. The options are Team Deathmatch, which apparently supports 32 players a game, and Bomb, which we know nothing about.

Luckily for us, the ninja CoD burglar managed to catch not only a grammatical error, but the worst description of a map ever. It’s always good to know which maps offer ‘a nice game’

I think it goes without saying from this post that I’m feeling pretty doubtful about the whole thing. The screenshot above seems like nothing that a professional game developer would dare write (“Guys, I think describing the map in detail is a mistake. How about we just say it’s great for a good team work work and leave it at that?”).

Also, the idea that the machines at CoD XP are either currently running or the the convention hall lacks so much security that somebody can sneak in, turn on the power and then film, is laughable.

It’s an impressive hoax, I just hope for Activision‘s credibility (not yet officially an oxymoron) that it doesn’t turn out to be true.