Modern Warfare 3 Revealed by Official PlayStation Magazine UK?

An advertisement for the upcoming July issue of the Official PlayStation Magazine UK shows a teaser for what is most definitely Modern Warfare 3. The ad’s imagery features a gigantic green three in the same type of font style that has become a staple of the series. It also features a tagline saying that “The Biggest Game in the World is Coming.”

It seems like the rumors were true. Then again, it’s not like the rumors were well-kept because there was news about this game potentially being confirmed months ago. Voice actor, Craig Farbass, even almost let the cat out of the bag early.

“I did Call of Duty: Modern Warfare as Gaz and then I did Ghost in Modern Warfare 2, which has become one of the more iconic figures in the history of computer games, which is great,” he stated during a radio interview.

“And I’ve just been out in LA doing something that’s going to be announced in May,” said Farbass. “I’ve just been out there doing some bits and pieces, and one is to do with… I can’t say too much.”

We should know more once the magazine’s July issue hits newsstands sometime in June, as it seems to be their cover story for that issue.