MotorStorm Developer Hypes Up Presumed PlayStation 4 Debut

Officially, we have no idea what Sony is planning to show us at their event later this month (unofficially, it’s the debut of the PlayStation 4) but whatever it is, MotorStorm developer Evolution Studios seems to be really excited for it.

Paul Rustchynsky (the game director for MotorStorm RC) Tweeted “10 Days!” to his followers yesterday, an obvious reference to the February 20th event. This doesn’t necessarily mean that Evolution Studios will have anything to show at the event, however, there have been recent rumors suggesting that the developer is currently working on a “next-gen racer” for the PlayStation 4.

Regardless if Evolution Studios has anything to show at the event or not, there is little doubt that they are cooking up something racing-related for Sony’s next console. A look at the studio’s track record shows them to be one of the hardest working developers in the business. Since 2001 Evolution Studios has released one game every single year, with the exception of 2007 (the year between MotorStorm and MotorStorm: Pacific Rift).

With just 9 days left to go before Sony’s (presumed) PlayStation 4 announcement, there seems to be no end to the possible games that could be revealed alongside the next-gen console. From the company’s first-party studios; we know that Media Molecule has a mystery game in development, Killzone 4 could be announced as a launch title, and there is even some talk of a new LittleBigPlanet 3 game (although that one is said to be for the PS3). Third-party developers could also get in on the act with reveals for Wolfenstein, Legacy of Kain, or even Fallout 4.

If nothing else, you never know when Ubisoft might show up with another Rayman Legends port!

Right now consider all of this — including the PlayStation 4 announcement — nothing more than rumors and speculation. Once Sony’s event goes down on February 20th we will provide updates on everything that is revealed.