Mythical Pokemon Marshadow Formally Unveiled For Pokemon Sun And Moon


Pokemon Sun and Moon players will soon have a new Pokedex entry to fill during their travels around the Alola region. Although Pokefans are likely to have already seen the Mythical critter in question via the massive leak that preceded the 3DS games‘ release last year, The Pokemon Company has formally pulled back the curtain on Marshadow. While it’s not yet official, encyclopedic Pokemon site Bulbapedia reports that the petite creature is a dual Fighting/Ghost-type that uses the Technician ability. Furthermore, it looks as if Marshadow will also boast its own exclusive Z-Move, something that only particular ‘Mons such as Mew or Raichu have access to.

As for how Trainers can obtain their own Marshadow, the trailer gives absolutely nothing away, although The Pokemon Company does say that more relevant details are coming soon. Given how it has distributed legendary and mythical Pokemon in the past, it’s likely that the developer will distribute special download codes either through select retailers or as a universal code to be entered through Sun and Moon‘s Mystery Gift feature. Whatever the case, we’ll be sure to let you know exactly how to obtain Marshadow as soon as the information is made public.

Released last year, Pokemon Sun and Moon achieved huge critical and commercial success worldwide, having broken various records for Nintendo and The Pokemon Company, including that, together, they were, and remain to be, the most pre-ordered titles in Nintendo’s history. No doubt bolstered by the Pokemon Go craze earlier in 2016, the two 3DS games continue to be popular today, with various global events being a regular occurrence.

The fifth and most recent global mission, which ends today, tasks players with collectively hatching a colossal 200,000 eggs. See here for all the details.

Source: VG247