Mythical Pokemon Meloetta Rounds Out Year-Long Distribution Event, Available Until December 24


Mythical Pokemon Meloetta is now available to download for players of Pokemon X, Y, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, bringing to an end the year-long distribution event that kicked off earlier this year in celebration of the franchise’s 20th anniversary.

Since February, one new mythical critter has been distributed for free across the globe, some obtainable only by visiting specific retail stores, others through special codes redeemable directly from your 3DS. The latter method is how you’ll be obtaining Meloetta, and all you need to do is simply boot up your chosen game, select Mystery Gift from the in-game menu and choose ‘Get via internet.’

This particular iteration of dual Normal/Psychic-type comes at level 100 and knows the moves Quick Attack, Confusion and Round. One space is left empty, presumably for Relic Song – a special attack unique to Meloetta that allows it to change type mid-battle. The distribution period ends on December 24, so make sure you nab the free ‘Mon before it’s too late.

Two other mythical distributions not included in the anniversary distribution are up for grabs this month. A second chance event, of sorts, for the deific Pokemon Arceus has just begun and runs from today until December 31 for North American and Europe. Those residing in the former will need to punch the code ‘ARCEUS20’ into their 3DS; European players will need to use ‘ARCEUS2016.’

Sadly, neither of the one-of-a-kind beasts can be transferred Pokemon Sun and Moon just yet, but sit tight – Nintendo will allow transfers between the different games come January with an update to Pokemon Bank. With that said, the hugely successful titles will be getting their own native Mythical Pokemon come December 5 by way of Magearna. Nintendo says the strange creature will be available via the official Pokemon website by scanning a special QR code with the 3DS’ camera. We’ll have more details on the promotion when it goes live on Monday, so stay tuned.