Nearly 1 Million Players Have Visited Resident Evil 7’s Baker Mansion Since Launch

In case it wasn’t already obvious, Resident Evil 7 has proven to be a smash hit for Capcom. Not only was it revealed last week that the rebooted survival horror series has shipped 2.5 million copies, but it emerged earlier today that the title has topped the charts in the UK, knocking Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V from the no.1 spot. However, while copies shipped doesn’t necessarily represent the same number sold through to consumers, the game’s official analytics page confirms that close to one million players have stepped foot inside the Baker Mansion since Resident Evil 7 released for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC last week.

That number is likely to be higher than the 931,232 figure provided by Capcom, however, as it only takes into account those that said yes to the data transmission prompt that pops up in-game. The service didn’t appear to be working when I started my first playthrough, and I imagine I wasn’t the only one that opted to continue playing without waiting, either. Interestingly, a sizeable chunk of players also rose to the challenge of playing Resi 7 in VR; just shy of 10% (9.48%) donned the virtual reality headgear for a more immersive experience. There’s a whole host of trivia available for players to peruse on the website, with some revelations more inane than others.

With the entire experience clocking in at roughly the ten-hour mark, we imagine a large number of players have already survived the sanity-destroying experience that Ethan had to endure and lived to tell the tale, but don’t worry – there’s more content coming. Besides a free DLC add-onNot a Hero – planned for release sometime in the spring, Resident Evil 7‘s season pass includes a sizeable number of expansions for those that haven’t yet had their fill. For all the details on Capcom’s post-launch plans, see here.