Necrobarista: Final Pour Launches On Nintendo Switch Today


A remastered director’s cut of 2020 indie darling Necrobarista will be launching exclusively on the Nintendo Switch later today.

Necorbarista: Final Pour was announced at Nintendo’s IndieWorld showcase. The new release by Route59 will feature additional story content and remastered visuals. During the extended version’s reveal, we got a glimpse at the games’ studio mode, a fleshed out camera system that lets players pose characters and add dialogue.

Necrobarista is a 3D visual novel that originally launched in 2020 to critical acclaim. Set in a coffee house that hosts both the living and dead, the game is an intense, dialogue-driven drama. Unwinnable described the original as sporting a “lo-fi aesthetic” so carefully designed that it can only be described as “utterly, uniquely gorgeous.”

Necorbarista: Final Pour will be a timed exclusive on the console.