New Batman Arkham City Pictures

Warner Bros and Rocksteady are continuing to wet our appetite for the game that feels like it’s coming out almost painfully late in the year; Batman Arkham City. This game is looking to be absolutely fantastic, the kind of fantastic that Uncharted 3 should be wary of. So today we’ve got a handful of new snaps for you to feast your eyes on, and torment you when you realize just how far away autumn is.

The pictures show off a selection of The Dark Knight’s latest punchbags in all their confusing fashions. Oh and Harley Quin and some Two-Face poster art similar to the poster of Dr Strange that was released yesterday. Everything we’ve seen so far is shaping up wonderfully; Arkham City is easily one of the bigger titles of 2011 so make sure you’re not the one who misses out this time around.