New Castlevania Game Reportedly In Development At Konami


A new Castlevania game is reportedly in the works at Konami, according to ComicBook. That is likely exciting news for fans of the long-running game series, as the company made a pivot to focus more on mobile titles in recent years, leaving some to wonder if their more beloved high-profile console franchises would see another renaissance.

Fans of the series had to be held over in recent years with a quite well-received anime series on Netflix and re-releases of some classics from the franchise, such as the Castlevania Advance Collection on Nintendo Switch and 2018’s Castlevania Requiem compilation for PlayStation 4 which was a collection of Symphony of the Night and Rondo.

The Castlevania games started as basic action platformers on the Nintendo Entertainment System but soon evolved to be one of the pioneering franchises of the so-called Metroidvania gameplay style in generations to come that put a heavy emphasis on exploration, unlocking hidden areas, and receiving power-ups throughout the game to progress.

The series centers around classic vampire lore, with Dracula often being the main antagonist in most of the games. Members of the Belmont family repeatedly attempt to thwart his evil reign with the help of the dark count’s own son, the half-human, half-vampire Alucard.

Though they are most known for their 2D platforming, the last installments of the series, 2010’s Castlevania: Lords of Shadow and the 2014 sequel, took on more of a hack-and-slash approach in a 3D environment.

While details are scant for the project at the moment, Konami is reportedly looking to reboot the entire franchise with this rumored entry and there’s expected to be a formal announcement of some kind about the new Castlevania game sometime in the next year.