New Character Darkrai Comes To Pokken Tournament On July 20, But Only In Arcades


A trailer released by Bandai Namco earlier today has revealed a brand new playable character coming to Pokken Tournament on July 20. Mythical Fourth Generation Pokemon Darkrai will be available to use from the above date, but there’s a catch – he’s only going to be usable in Japanese arcades, at least for the foreseeable future.

In fact, Bandai Namco hasn’t said a word in regards to whether the new fighter will be making his way to the console version of Pokken at a later date, but there is hope. As reported by Destructoid, various files for the Wii U version of the Poke-themed beat ‘em up were recently datamined, revealing assets for Darkrai as well as two others; Empoleon and Scizor.

Whatever the future plan is, if you’re lucky enough to be in Japan next week, you can go hands-on with Darkrai yourself. The less fortunate among us can watch the ghostly aberration put his shadow-themed repertoire to the test in the reveal trailer above.

In other news, Pokemon Go has continued its campaign for global domination today, finally seeing an official launch in the UK (needs link). Is there any genre that Pokemon can’t successfully conquer? Doesn’t look like it.