New Destiny: The Collection Trailer Highlights PlayStation Exclusive Content For Rise Of Iron


The latest promotional trailer for Destiny‘s biggest day of the year has just been released by Sony, showcasing the exclusive content headed to PlayStation 4 with Rise of Iron‘s launch next week.

The video, which itself is promoting the release of compilation bundle Destiny: The Collection (includes all previous DLC as well as Rise of Iron and the base game) highlights the exclusive quest, ship and multiplayer map that only owners of Sony’s console will get to enjoy, and while we already knew all about each of them, this is the first time we’ve seen footage.

Exclusive story mission Show of Strength takes players to the SEVA-infested Plaguelands at the behest of Lord Saladin, and while we’re unsure of the mission specifics, Bungie has confirmed previously that the PS4 exclusive ship Timeless Tereshkova will be a reward for completing the quest.

Rise of Iron will bring a handful of new maps to Destiny’s competitive multiplayer mode Crucible, but PS4 owners get one extra in the form of Icarus, which appears to set in some high-tech installation.

That covers all of the new stuff, but the trailer also confirms that exclusive content released with last year’s The Taken King add-on will stay that way for at least another year. Sorry, Xbox One owners, it looks like you’re going to be left waiting until Destiny 2 launches before you can get your hands on the Jade Rabbit Exotic.

Destiny: The Collection and the standalone Rise of Iron expansion launch next week on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.