New Details Surface For All Of Star Wars: Battlefront II’s Playable Characters


Star Wars Battlefront II‘s ongoing closed alpha has already brought word on several of the sequel’s sizeable character roster – General Grievous, Iden Verso, Darth Maul, and Captain Phasma were all name-dropped in a recent leak – but we now have a little more information regarding the entire collection of playable heroes.

With a vast array of characters from all eras of the franchise, it’s almost a guarantee that you’ll find at least one or two favorites among the gigantic roster. There are certainly a lot of exciting figures from the Star Wars universe to take control of here and thanks to Reddit, we can now tell you a little more about each one of them.

There’s quite a bit to digest, but if you’re ready to dive right in, then take a look at what this new leak has to say about characters like Boba Fett, Han Solo, Darth Vader and many, many more.

Boba Fett

Boba Fett hunts his enemies by ambushing them with blinding concussion missiles and barrages of damaging wrist rockets, all the while staying constantly on the move with his jetpack.

BOBA FETT’S EE-3: Produced by BlasTech Industries, and capable of firing a three round at the cost of accuracy.

  • FOR THE HUNT: Enemies around Boba Fett are revealed for a short period of time.
  • CONCUSSION ROCKET: Boba Fett fires a single concussion shot, dazing enemies caught in the blast.
  • ROCKET BARRAGE: A hail of small rockets is launched from Boba Fett’s gauntlet.

Han Solo

Han is a sharpshooter who quickly dispatches his enemies with the high power of his DL-44 blaster. He’s not afraid to charge into battle and finish the job with explosives if the going gets tough.

HAN SOLO’S DL-44: Produced by BlasTech Industries, the DL-44 delivers high damage at the cost of overheating quickly.

  • SHOULDER CHARGE: Han charges forwards, knocking over and damaging the first enemy he hits.
  • SHARPSHOOTER: Han can fire the DL-44 rapidly for the next few seconds.
  • DETONITE CHARGE: Han throws a sticky charge which can be detonated at will.

Leia Organa

Leia serves as an anchor for the team, deploying her enhanced squad shield to provide cover, incapacitating the enemy with concussion grenades and

LEIA’S DEFENDER PISTOL: The Defender sporting blaster pistol was made by the Drearian Defense Conglomerate. This low-powered weapon is easy to use and was popular in honor duels among nobility.

  • Not sure on name: Leia swaps her blaster for her personal, enhanced E-11 assault, allowing her to blast her enemies with a stream of laser fire.
  • SQUAD SHIELD: Leia deploys a squad sheild at her location. The shield protects her and those inside from blaster fire.
  • CONCUSSION GRENADE: Leia throws a concussion grenade which detonates on impact, blinding and confusing enemies in the blast area.

Luke Skywalker

Luke uses his sabre skills and the force to be on the frontlines of battle. His high manuvourability enables him to rush his enemies and avoid damage.

LUKE SKYWALKER’S LIGHTSABER: Based on schematics found in Obi-Wan Kenobi’s hutt on Tatooine. This lightsaber only uses one kyber crystal.

  • FORCE RUSH: Luke uses the force to enhance his speed and quickly move in any direction.
  • FORCE REPULSE: luke sends a burst of force enery out from the ground, dealing damage to any enemies nearby.
  • FORCE PUSH: Luke uses the force to push enemies in front of him, knocking them over ledges or into danger.


Bossk is a hunter, able to go on the offensive to root out his prey with choking Dioxis Gas or keep his distance and snipe from afar and protection his position with mines.

BOSSK’S RELBY V-10: The Relby-v10 micro grenade launcher was a highly destructive blaster/mortar weapon modified from the BlasTech Industries CSPL-12 projectile launcher. It was commonly referred to simply as a Mortar Gun.

  • PREDATOR INSTINCTS: Bossk loads in a round of high damage micro grenades and uses his Trandoshan instincts, gaining heat vision and enchancing his pysical strength.
  • DIOXIS GRENADE: A thrown grenade which releases a potent cloud of dioxis gas that will damage enemies who stand within.
  • PROXIMITY MINES: Bossk thows out 3 sticky mines that detonate on proximity trigger, healing high damage.