New Paragon Trailer Showcases A Whole New Type Of Hero


The latest in a long line of Paragon hero videos appeared online today, but you may find it a tad unfamiliar from what you’ve seen of the game so far. While the footage starts in typically dramatic and boisterous fashion, it soon takes a turn for the bizarre as the latest heroes are revealed to be Iggy and Scorch.

Iggy is a small, goggled creature that looks something like an irritable goblin. He enters the battle atop his mount Scorch, and the two are able to unleash deadly fire-based attacks as they devastate the battlefield.

Iggy and Scorch fall into the ‘Caster’ class of heroes, meaning you’ll be able to make use of far-reaching ranged attacks. The use of Scorch as a mount also makes quick movement a great option; think of it as a magical sort of run ‘n’ gun!

All heroes are available for free in Paragon, and Iggy and Scorch will be available to play for everyone in Early Access on Thursday, April 21. Additionally, you can already purchase a Founder’s Pack if you want to start playing the game today.

Source: Epic Games