New Resident Evil 7 Trailer Sheds More Light On Upcoming Expansions


Capcom’s released a new trailer for Resident Evil 7 that sheds more light on the survival horror’s two upcoming expansions, Not a Hero and End of Zoe. The former, as everyone who picked up and played the game through to completion will know, is the add-on first announced all the way back in January that thrusts long-time series favorite, Chris Redfield, back into the starring role, replacing Ethan Winters from the base game.

Redfield, battle-hardened after spending the last decade and more battling the monstrous products of Umbrella’s T-Virus, isn’t quite the terrified protagonist that Winters was as he skulked about the Bakers’ Louisiana plantation – he’s well-equipped for what lies ahead. Today’s new gameplay, which you can see above, appears much more action-oriented: Chris has the firepower to tackle Evelyn’s heinous creations head-on – there’s no backing down or waving of the white flag to be done here.

Not A Hero and End of Zoe, a tie-in story chapter that explains the fate of the character, will be packaged with Resident Evil 7‘s Gold Edition as well as sold separately. Not A Hero remains free for all owners of the game, however, as per Capcom’s original intention. Banned Footage Vol.1 & 2, smaller add-ons released earlier in the year, will also be bundled with the re-release, which is scheduled to arrive in December for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

For those that passed up the opportunity to visit the Baker estate earlier this year, you can find our glowing review of the series’ reinvention here.