New Scalebound Gameplay Showcases Co-Op Madness And Gigantic Boss Fights


Platinum Games’ Scalebound, despite having been delayed until 2017, looks to be coming along rather nicely if the newest gameplay footage shown at Microsoft’s E3 Conference is anything to by. Taking to the stage to give fans a glimpse of the action-RPG’s co-op mode by way of engaging what can only be described as a severely mutated, skyscraper-sized crab, director Hideki Kamiya and friends team up to take it down in a multi-stage fight.

No mention is made during the demo of how many players co-op mode supports, but several other combatants riding their own dragons can be seen slashing away at the fleshy weak spot beneath the beast’s carapace, and the overall, moment-to-moment gameplay looks much smoother than before. It looks likely, too, that the extra development time has allowed the team behind Scalebound to polish the visuals.

But enough words. You can see the new trailer above with your own eyes and judge for yourself. Sadly, no firmer release date for Scalebound was given at the conclusion of its showing, but we can’t imagine such a thing is too far away.

Source: YouTube