New Support Characters Join Pokken Tournament’s Growing Roster


Even more support characters have been confirmed to appear in Pokken Tournament. The game’s roster is starting to burst at the seams it, er, seems. Three new pairs of Pocket Monsters have joined the game’s ranks according to the most recent update by the developer.

Cubone and Diglett, Magneton and Quagsire and Espeon and Umbreon are the three newest pairs confirmed to appear as non-playable – but usable as helpful companions in battle – Pokemon, and each tag team comes with their own unique abilities and buffs to help you gain the upper hand in the arena.

Cubone and Diglett can perform long range and underground attacks respectively to help players gain control of the battlefield regardless of their positioning. Diglett’s Dig attack can also aid in racking up large combos.

Magneton and Quagsire provide more technical advantages through their use of Tri Attack and Mud Bomb, which can lower an opponent’s speed and hit through guards.

Finally, the cool-looking Espeon and Umbreon have the ability to both heal the player and stop the enemy from being able to land critical attacks. Yeah, that sounds awfully unbalanced, but there’s sure to be some form of restriction placed on the potency of both boons.

In addition to the reveal of new critters, more information was released about Pokken‘s different game modes.

The Ferrum League (which is only available in the Wii U version) features four different ranks of increasingly difficult battles which unlock new support Pokemon and stages upon beating them. Practice Mode, Combo Dojo, Free Training and My Town modes fill out the rest of the playable modes; most of them being singleplayer elements for players to learn the game’s mechanics.

Namco Bandai also confirmed that they currently have no plans to release new characters or stages for Pokken as DLC, which is a shame, but it seems as if the title is already packed with content anyway, so we’re not too worried.

Pokken Tournament releases worldwide on March 18 exclusively for Wii.

Source: IGN

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