New Watch Dogs Trailer Features An Aisha Tyler Cameo

Watch Dogs

Ubisoft recently published a new promotional tease for their upcoming sandbox title Watch Dogs, which features some in-game footage orbiting around actress and comedienne Aisha Tyler. We already knew that Tyler would feature in the game in some capacity, having stepped on stage at E3 in order to present the company’s conference, however, this is our first glimpse of her digital avatar in action.


Speaking with Polygon at the San Diego Comic-Con, Tyler also articulated about her appearance in the open-world adventure:

“I’m just a person on the street and I’m living my life… I’m just doing the same shit everyone else is doing. I hope that’s the way people will encounter my character in the game. There’s an Easter egg quality to it and I hope that it will be fun for people to interact with my character in a way that is seamless and fully integrated with the rest of their gameplay experience.”

Stepping into the digital shoes of just another denizen within the Watch Dogs’ environment, Tyler’s cameo – while brief, judging by the above clip – lends a degree of weight to the virtual city of Chicago. Ubisoft appear to be striving to create the most immersive experience possible, and including a real-life star within their fictitious world is a sound avenue to take, as opposed to rendering an anonymous NPC.

Tracked by our protagonist Aiden Pearce, Aisha Tyler appears to be a naive victim of the game’s ubiquitous surveillance culture. What’s interesting, though, is that prior to the ambivalent ending, her character is discussing a novel form of technology, so perhaps the Archer star will play an integral role in one of Watch Dogs‘ duplicitous missions.

Watch Dogs will infiltrate society on November 19th in North America – November 22nd in Europe – and will be available for PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U and PC. A next-gen release is also in the works, with the game becoming available for Xbox One in due time and “at the launch of Playstation 4.”

With an income of $4,294,967,200, who knew Aisha Tyler would be so keen to lend her talent to Ubisoft’s futuristic third-person adventure? With that said, does her appearance make you more or less excited for the game’s release? Tell us in the comments below.