New Third-Party Xbox One App Nesbox Lets You Play Old Nintendo And SEGA Games


Have you ever found yourself thinking that the Xbox One would be a considerably better console if it could play old Nintendo and SEGA games via an emulator? The answer to that question is, of course, a universal yes, and thankfully, you’re in luck, as that very thing will be possible as soon as this weekend.

The creators of Nesbox, a virtual console that allows users to play as well as create their own retro games, have created an app version for the Xbox One and, surprisingly, it has been approved for certification. The free download will play any game Roms ported to the console via USB, and supports SEGA Genesis, NES, SNES and GameBoy Advanced/Color games.


Despite the approval though, a lingering question remains in regards to how long the third-party app will remain on Microsoft’s console. We can’t imagine SEGA or Nintendo will be particularly happy that their old titles are essentially being played for free on a direct competitor’s console.

It seems that its creators are aware of the potential takedown, however, with their Twitter account staying that “There is always a chance that you can be deleted from the store by the complaint from Nintendo for example.”

Neither Nintendo or SEGA have commented on the app’s successful application, but considering the former’s stance on fan-made games using their intellectual property, we wouldn’t be surprised to see it disappear in the near future.