5 Games That Make Me Want A Playstation 4/Xbox One

xbox one vs ps4

I will tell you this right now. Buying a next generation console when it first comes out is a stupid, fanboy move. The first batch of next generation systems are always pretty much the beta run, even if no one wants to admit it. For proof of this, look to the millions of Xbox 360 users who got the red ring of death. That shit is unforgivable. It really is. You shouldn’t fork over hundreds of dollars for something that may very well die on you. The smartest of us wait until the first few bugs have been discovered and worked out.

Keep in mind though that it wasn’t always this way. When Sega and Nintendo were battling back in the days, systems weren’t nearly as complicated as they are now, so they were less prone to disaster. You could be a first day customer, and have that same system for, well, ever. I don’t know about you, but my Genesis still works just fine. Thing is, more complicated software and hardware means more room for problems. Honestly, though, when it comes to spending half a grand on what boils down to being a really fancy toy, most consumers want to make sure they are getting the best product they can, and this often means waiting patiently when systems first come out. All your friends are telling you how great it is. You see the commercials and drool. Yet you wait. For the most part, as adults, this is okay. We can do this. We are aware of the payoff, and we deal with it.

But then there are always THOSE games. The few games that almost make it almost impossible to not just cave and buy a new system when it drops.

Though first pickings can often be weak, there is always a boatload of badass games waiting, just around the corner to be released. Last gen it was Bioshock that did it. The game that finally made me cave and buy a 360, regardless of any ring of death worries. A game so good, you would risk the loss of investment just to play it.

While the games on this list may not seem quite up to the very high standards set by that series, these are the five titles that make me want either an Xbox One or Playstation 4 more and more.

Please note that games like Watch Dogs and Battlefield 4 will not be on this list simply because they will still be available for current gen systems. The games on this list are all next-gen exclusives