A Next-Gen Superman Video Game Is Reportedly In The Works

Superman-is-Flat-Out-Angry-in-Man-Of-Steel (1)

The next console generation is shaping up to be one of great importance for Warner Bros. Interactive. The publisher, best known for overseeing Rocksteady’s acclaimed Arkham series, appears to have not one, not two, but three new adventures starring various members of the Justice League currently in the works, one of which is rumored to feature Superman. The first two of these you’ll no doubt have already heard of, of course, one of which developer Warner Bros. Montreal has been actively teasing over the last several months.

While we’re still awaiting an official announcement, it’s looking increasingly likely that the studio’s current workload involves Gotham’s Dark Knight and, what’s more, could even be a reboot of the aforementioned trilogy. That’s according to the latest scoop obtained by The Geeks Worldwide, at least, which cites a number of anonymous insiders as sources. As for original Arkham developer Rocksteady, it too is said to be working on a DC title in the form of a Justice League game, though details surrounding that venture remain unconfirmed.

As for the Man of Steel himself, The GWW reports that the Kryptonian will get his time to shine following the completion of those two projects. Little else is known beyond that, unfortunately, though Rocksteady supposedly has no involvement. Assuming all of the above to be accurate, then, we can’t help but raise the question of who exactly Warner Bros. has lined up to tackle a next-gen Superman video game adaptation.

One potential candidate could be creator of the Middle-Earth series Monolith Productions. Not since the release of 2017’s Shadow of War have we heard of any future ventures in the pipeline, so it’s certainly not outside the realms of possibility. Whoever it is that’s won the job, though, we wish them the best of luck – Superman’s reputation in gaming has been wonky at best; awful (see: Superman 64) at worst.