NHL 15 Devs Talk Superstar Skill Stick Maneuvers


Electronic Arts’ NHL franchise really caught a second wind with the invention of the Skill Stick, which made its appreciated debut in NHL 07. Before it, we were simply pressing buttons to shoot, while trying to deke with limited resources, but once it came into play, things became much more realistic.

This year, NHL 15 promises an improved Skill Stick, to go along with its much more realistic physics and player models. The newly-minted Super Skill Stick now mimics real-life hockey in even more ways than its predecessor was able to, allowing for tighter dekes, more efficient puck control and the like. Things we’ve all dreamed of.

Having played the game and tested out its new Superstar Skill Stick, I have nothing but good things to say. However, my hands-on time was only about twenty minutes long, so it’s not like I’ve had a chance to play a full game or truly give it a run for its proverbial money. That’s something I’m very eager to do, though.

NHL 15 will don its protective gear and take to the ice on September 9.