NieR: Automata Getting Final Fantasy XV Themed Content Through Crossover Collaboration


Platinum Games’ upcoming action RPG NieR: Automata is to feature a collaboration with Final Fantasy XV, Square Enix has announced. The Engine Blade, the signature weapon used by the latter game’s protagonist Noctis, will be obtainable and usable by NieR‘s protagonist 2B, and boasts the rather nifty property of altering the character’s animations and evasion effects to mimic those performed by Noctis. According to Square Enix, using the blade will also change damage display numbers to match the style used in their own RPG.

On the flip side, Square also confirms that Final Fantasy XV will feature some sort of content themed after NieR, although it has yet to detail what exactly that entails. Judging by the above, we expect some sort of cosmetic item or weapon.

A direct sequel to the original game released in 2010, NieR: Automata takes place in a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by war between surviving members of the human race and a mysterious machine army originating from a distant world. A spinoff of the Drakengard series, NieR places emphasis on fast-paced action primarily through melee combat and gunplay.

Platinum has yet to announce a firm release date for the title, but it appears to be on-track for an early 2017 release for PlayStation 4 and PC. As for Final Fantasy XV, well, you should know by now that the next entry in the iconic series is finally headed to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on November 29. Launch day is just the beginning though, as there’s a plethora of DLC coming to the JRPG in the form of story chapters for each of Noctis’ companions as well as online multiplayer.

Look out for our review next week, where we’ll pick apart Square Enix’s most ambitious RPG to date piece by piece.