Ninja Theory Teases A Mysterious Future Project In This New Web Video


Acting as a love letter to the current generation, Ninja Theory’s new featurette casts a nostaligic eye toward the studio’s back catalogue over the last six years. What’s interesting, though, is that interspersed between established properties are hints towards a new project; one that appears to centre on an atypical blue-haired girl. You can check out the footage for yourself right here:

Dovetailing the seventh generation with Heavenly Sword in 2007 and DmC in 2013 – with a dash of Enslaved: Odyssey To The West during 2010 –, the Cambridge studio are well-versed in putting current-gen tech to the test. From concept art caterpillar to cinematic butterfly, the vignette offers an insight into the studio’s modus operandi and how they go about bringing these games to fruition.

Most interesting, though is that this blue-haired woman doesn’t fit into any of these established universes. Could it be that Ninja Theory is coyly hinting towards an unannounced next-gen project? Bear in mind that the studio posted a job listing recently in search for people to work on a triple-A title and it seems highly possible.



The team’s back catalogue is ingrained with a particular, almost punk sensibility and from the brief images we glimpse in the trailer; it appears that Ninja Theory’s mysterious blue-haired protagonist inhabits a dystopian metropolis. Considering that the studio openly state that they are working with next generational consoles on their website, it seems highly likely that this cityscape will be rendered

A mere tech demo? An unused prototype? What do you think Ninja Theory are up to? Give us your thoughts below and be sure to share any potential Easter egg that you uncover, too.