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Nintendo Announces New 3DS Features

Remember yesterday when I said we'd learn about new features being put on the 3DS during an overnight Nintendo conference? I was right.

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Remember yesterday when I said the 3DS was getting new features and we’d probably hear more about it during some overnight Nintendo conference? I was right.

The feature that was showcased the most was the 3D video recording, which will allow 3DS owners to take up to 10 minutes of 3D video, including in a stop-motion style.

Also detailed was a sequel to the StreetPass game Find Mii, as well as new puzzles for Puzzle Swap. There will also be an interactive map to show where your StreetPass hits come from.

Interestingly enough, there’s also a new feature that will allow the transfer of data from one 3DS system to another.

That data transfer brings up two questions to mind. Does it allow the Ambassador Program games to be transferred? Also is this the “subtle” way of hinting that there may be an entirely new iteration of the 3DS in the works?

No date was given for when we can expect this firmware update to hit.

What say you, gamers?