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Nintendo Fan Turns Nintendo 64 Console Into Switch Dock

Modern gaming with a vintage twist.

Nintendo 64

There’s nothing more loved to longtime gamers than vintage gaming consoles and one Nintendo fan found a way to bring forward the Nintendo 64 into the modern gaming space by morphing it into a dock for his Nintendo Switch console.

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Posted to Imgur by user QnadianBacon, the transformation from a retired Nintendo 64 console into an up and running Switch dock can be seen in full and the result is very impressive.

The user explained that they had purchased a “for parts” Nintendo 64 off of eBay and through some tinkering, and a range of modern parts, they made it into a modern Switch docking system.

With 12 new internal parts, there has been no need for a bigger casing as with the sleek building skills of QnadianBacon the parts along with a Switch device when docked fir perfectly into the case. You may be wondering how someone could dock and undock their Switch console when they like to and this is done by a level in the base of the right leg of the device that when turned opens the hood so the Switch can be inserted or removed.

Hopefully one day Nintendo 64 games can be run on the Switch console through the store in a similar way to how they were made available during the Nintendo Wii-U era, making this docking system the perfect tool.

For now though, QnadianBacon will need to stick to playing modern games on his Switch while admiring his impressive handiwork. You can check out the full process of the build here.