Nintendo Offering Fix For Zelda: Skyward Sword Glitch

Last week, we reported on a glitch in Skyward Sword that made it impossible to move forward in the game. The glitch was activated by either talking to someone twice or completing a series of quests in the wrong order. We hope you haven’t given up yet, because Nintendo has reassured gamers that a fix is on the way.

The fix comes in two different forms. The first, and exactly what they did for the Metroid: Other M fiasco, is having people send in an SD card with their save, where the game will be altered so gamers can continue.

The other is a “program” that’s coming over the internet that will allow the glitch to be fixed. These two methods were put in place so gamers who are and aren’t connected to the internet. No word on when the patch will be implemented, so hold onto that save if you’ve been effected.

You see that, folks? Nintendo is finally embracing the 21st century and patching its games. I’m so proud. I think I feel some tears coming on.

What say you, gamers? Has the glitch affected you?