Nintendo And The Pokemon Company Team Up For Limited Edition ‘Mario Pikachu’ Merchandise

There’s been some pretty wacky marriages between gaming characters in the past, but this latest one takes the cake. Nintendo and The Pokemon Company have revealed a new range of limited edition merchandise, dubbed ‘Mario Pikachu’, to be sold in Pokemon Center stores across Japan, ranging from plushies and keychains to trading cards and game cases.

The aptly-named line of goods has Pokemon mascot Pikachu dress up in Mario’s trademark dungarees and cap and yes, he’s even sporting a moustache. If you’re more of a Luigi fan, not to worry – Nintendo hasn’t left the often-overlooked sibling out of the mix.

Sadly, it looks like all of this cool stuff (we’ve bunched most of it together in the above gallery) is only available in Japan for now, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed, especially for those promotional trading cards. You just know they’ll be worth a fortune down the road.

According to Polygon, there’s more bric-á-brac to come, too. Both parties will unveil more merch at Kyoto’s Pokemon Center on October 29, so keep your eyes peeled on the Japanese Nintendo website.

Expect to see more of Pikachu and the rest of his chums in next month’s Pokemon Sun and Moon, which launch November 18 on 3DS.