Nioki Adventure Could Draw You Back Into 2D Side Scrolling Co-Op Games

Ever since we found out that Terraria wouldn’t be receiving any more updates, we’ve felt that the world had lost some of it’s luster. The sunshine wasn’t as warm, puppies weren’t as cute, and Rick Santorum was a front runner. We were starting to wonder if the magic could ever come back.

Well, Birdogames has offered a bit of hope for all of us out there. Nioki Adventure is promising to be the next 2D side-scrolling multiplayer RPG for us to fall in love with, and while it’s quite early in the process, it seems to be headed in the right direction.

Nioki Adventure will apparently keep the aspects that make Terraria-like games great (such as multiplayer, exploration, construction, bosses etc.) while adding several traits that players have been clamoring for. We’ve been told to expect many RPG traits such as skill trees and cooperative construction missions. The official website makes a point of saying that:

“A defining feature of the game is the emergence of several sidequests (with one main quest) to encourage cooperation in completing challenges. The RPG aspect of the game gives to the player the opportunity to shape his character and personalize it with skills and specializations associated with that character’s class.”

Nioki Adventure will be available for the PC and on Xbox Live Indie Games sometime in the future, but in the meantime you can follow them on twitter here. Birdogames is promising to have the community play a crucial role in development, and is already asking for ideas. So, if you’ve had an idea for a quest, item, enemy, crafting recipe, or real world applications of cold fusion, drop them a line.

It’s way too early to get overly hyped for Nioki Adventure, but in this crazy world we’re living in we need to believe in something. Pressure is on, Birdogames. We’re all looking forward to seeing what you can offer.