N-Space Teases New Square-Enix 3DS Title, Heroes of Ruin

Best known for their work on some Call of Duty DS games and last generation’s supernatural title, Geist, developer N-Space are apparently working on a fantasy project for Square-Enix. The developer posted some art on its Facebook page, showing characters from their work in progress title, Heroes of Ruin.

The character image or class picture if you will, includes a gigantic cat man brute, a gun-toting rogue and a tough as nails lion carrying a large, gold-plated sword. Not to mention a badass looking female character, who resembles something out of Avatar, though with a much more pale complexion.

No other details regarding the game were mentioned, but the provided images make us think that the game will be some sort of a fantasy title with some futuristic elements. Perhaps it could be an action RPG? Who knows. The mind is working now, though.

Hopefully we’ll see more of the game at E3 next month, with answers to our questions.