The Order: 1866 Will Be Single Player Only


Ready At Dawn has confirmed today that their upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive, The Order: 1886, will be single player only and will run at 1080p in 30fps. It was also revealed that the game might see the light of day on the PlayStation 3. While this hasn’t been confirmed just yet, the studio isn’t ruling it out.

“We currently work exclusively on the PS4 version,” said the studio co-founder. “Games are always designed for cross-platforms, but clearly, if there is a possibility to take over the physics system to other platforms, we would use this.

For us, the cinematic experience is in the foreground [basically focus]–presented in full HD 1080p. In favor of spectacular effects and the highest resolution we restrict ourselves to a fluid 30 frames per second.”

First revealed last year at E3, The Order: 1886 takes place in an alternate history London where the titular Order protects the city against powerful, mythological foes who have been waging a centuries old war that could very well change the course of history.

Sounds like an intriguing premise for a game and from everything we’ve seen so far, it looks like the title could deliver an excellent single player experience and make for a great addition to the PS4 library. With Sony’s current lack of strong, system-selling exclusives, it could definitely use a big hit that will give gamers a reason to choose a PlayStation 4 over an Xbox One.

Will The Order: 1886 live up to expectations? I guess we’ll have to wait and see to find out.