Overwatch: Dataminers Uncover Several Unreleased Cosmetic Items For New Hero Doomfist


It’s been only a few days since Blizzard finally delivered arguably the most anticipated update to Overwatch yet, but already, fans have begun discovering some interesting files in the shooter’s internal workings via datamining.

Doomfist, a villainous character who’s been referenced several times both in-game and via external lore, made his long-awaited debut last week as a brand new offense-type combatant, joining the likes of Genji, McCree and Pharah as a powerhouse to be feared on the battlefield. By now, those on PC will have had an entire weekend to test drive the character on Overwatch‘s PTR servers, but it seems some have had other ideas.

Thanks to previous leaks, we’ve been suspecting for a while that Blizzard’s planning to hold a second summer-themed event similarly to last year’s, but the latest discoveries via Reddit user DocterrificDoc seem to all but confirm its future arrival. Among other unreleased cosmetics, four such items directly linked to Doomfist have been unearthed, at least one of which is likely to be a shiny new Legendary skin. Other possibilities include sprays, voice lines and skins of a lesser rarity.

Blizzard has yet to specify when exactly Doomfist will make the transition from test server to live game, but if a summer event truly is on the way – and that’s looking increasingly likely – then it’s not a stretch to suggest that his official launch will coincide with the unconfirmed occasion.

Whatever the case, we’ll have to wait for word straight from the horse’s mouth, as it were, until any of the above can be labeled as official. So sit tight, Overwatch fans, your suspicions will hopefully be confirmed in a matter of weeks.