Overwatch Files Peg Doomfist As Newest Character


It’s only been a couple of weeks since Overwatch‘s spectacular anniversary event wrapped up, and fans have already gotten themselves worked up over another (potential) announcement.

For those who aren’t familiar with the PC version of the game, here’s a quick refresher. Unlike the console version, the PC not only benefits from higher graphical fidelity and framerates, but also from the ability to play matches on the ‘Public Test Realm,’ or PTR for short. This is where developer Blizzard tests out new patches, fixes and more importantly, new characters.

As reported by USGamer, a couple of intrepid fans have dug into files and crash logs from the game’s PTR, and have uncovered some interesting information. It looks like a few of the new files have the line “Overwatch – Doomfist / Summer Games” embedded within. While this could be a simple mistake or a piece of leftover code, the Overwatch community is hoping that it might be a sign of the arrival of Doomfist.

If you don’t remember, Doomfist is a mysterious individual who’s been referenced plenty of times in the game’s lore. Not only does his titular weapon appear in some of the promotional art and trailers, but up until recently, it appeared in-game, encased behind glass on the Numbani map.

Doomfist’s arrival has been teased over the past year by Blizzard, and actor Terry Crews has even expressed his interest in voicing the character. It’s also worth mentioning the nod to the ‘Summer Games,’ a seasonal event which first debuted in August last year. Not only did players have the opportunity to play intense rounds of Lucioball during this period, but Blizzard introduced the Summer Games lootboxes, which contained new skins and emotes that could only be unlocked during the event. Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan has hinted that the team would continue to host old events annually, so keep your ears to the ground for an upcoming announcement.

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